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Pay the fair price only for what you use

Plans from 49€/mes Around 200€/month Around 250€/month
Working speed

Complete all your tasks in half the time

The quickest Very slow Slow
Internet connection required

You will not need to improve your internet contract

1MB Optical fiber Optical fiber

Work from anywhere

100% on cloud 80% Local and 20% on cloud Local

Adapt to the new software in few minutes

Modern and user friendly 20 yeard old design 20 years old design
Multi device

Access the program from the pc, a tablet or mobile

Yes No No
Commissions per booking

Sell more online

No commissions 1,5€ per booking online 1€ per booking online
Online Prepayments

Make sure you collect each booking

Yes, through the bank's club Yes, with the supplier's partner Yes
Players data during the booking process

Your players will just receive your promotions

The club is the owner of the data The software is the owner of the data The club is the owner of the data
All in one

Save time at your job

Yes No: 3 different programs Yes

Better information, better results

Business intelligence Predefined listings only Predefined listings only
Third paries connections

Raise your potential

At the discretion of the club, free of charge At the discretion of the supplier At the discretion of the club, free of charge
Updates and improvements

Get the latest technology solutions

100-200 per year 0-3 per year 0-3 per year
Technical support

We solve your problems at any time

24/7 Monday to Friday (office hours) Monday to Friday (office hours)
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We solve your most frequent questions

Pricing questions
No, there are no set up costs. However, our consultants can help you in the set up process with an extra cost.
No. We don't charge any extra fees per online bookings or for your online payment gateway or for any update. Technology and our experience allow us to control expenses to offer you the lowest monthly fee on the market without the need to charge you commissions.
No problem! But we are convinced that with the same features, our price is the lowest on the market. Give us your best offer, and we will match it for you to have the latest technology.
Of course, you can add and remove modules. We have prepared the most appropriate plan for you, but golf courses evolve, and your needs too. We have more modules to offer you, so get in touch for more information.
No. At Golfmanager we want you to be with us without ties. We will try that you never want to leave, but if one day is inevitable, we will not put any impediment.
Questions about the changing process
Of course! We will provide you with a demo with your basic data so you can check that Golfmanager is what you were looking for and you like it. Then we will transfer that configuration to your application in real (production mode).
Yes, we import all your rates and needs to operate your golf course: clients, stocks, bond balances, bookings, past sales, etc. Everything you need. You will not miss anything, we will take care of it.
It can take as little as 1 day. Maximum 2 days. After that the team will have doubts for 1-2 weeks, but we will be very close to him to solve anything they need. We use to create Whatsapp groups withn them and our response time is less than 2 minutes.
At Golfmanager we are convinced that our system saves a lot of time to your team and generate extra income to your golf course. As the transition is so easy, we suggest you to not wait to change.
At Golfmanager we think that sooner or later you will need it. Not only it allows you to order your players' bookings, but also, the billing system will allow you to generate tickets, reports, and remittances that will help you on a daily basis. Soon your player will appreciate that the club has a good website and an APP with online bookings. Go ahead!
We have developed Golfmanager so that each task can be carried out in a few clicks. With this and its modern design, even the least technological of your team will be able to use our program in just a couple of hours.
Technical needs questions
Golfmanager is so well developed that, with the minimum internet connection, your program will work correctly without the need for fiber optics as other providers request. Try our demo in your club and you will check it by yourself;)
You can buy any printer. Being a widely used tool, we recommend not skimping on expenses. Brands like Epson are a good option.
Post change questions
Currently we have a group of whatsapp with the golf courses. Every question of your team is resolved instantly, from Monday to Sunday, trying to make weekends only for emergencies. We have many helpful articles that will help you as well.
No problem! you can connect this APP (as any third party provider) to your inventory of green fees in real time. However, we suggest you to ask us before hiring so we can help you and maybe recommend you ;)